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Can't find drivers and keep your truck(s) running and making money, what you need is a truck manager to manage everything for you!  Contact Renegade Truck Management @ admin@renegadetransportation.us 

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Get The Best Price on Your Shipment & Find an Available, Qualified Carrier Fast!

It's Easy, Fast, & Free. When you post your shipment, it is immediately displayed & dispatched via email & cell phone to hundreds of qualified trucking companies looking for freight. Post any type of truck freight for display. Choose from  load boards to display your loads. Receive direct calls or post to our live bid board and receive online bids with no calls. Get the best prices & make new carrier contacts. It is also no charge to search our available truck board where you will find trucks waiting for your calls on available loads. 

We can also integrate with your computer system.If your company has available loads in email format, on a spreadsheet such as Excel, an FTP text file, or live on a web site, please call us at (775)371-9906. We will automate your loads and help you get the calls & contacts you need.

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Find Freight For Most Any Size Truck Fast!

Over 100,000 updated freight loads listed by over 6000 brokers, manufacturers & shippers... all of them looking to find an empty truck to cover their freight.

Find loads out of any state... 

Are you an Independent Operator or Trucking Company? 

Tired of sitting or running empty?

Find expedite, general, & LTL freight today!


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